Blog Writing

blogging-blur-business-261662I have a lot of experience in blog writing for a variety of different businesses (small and large), and in many different industries, including for consumers and B2B.

Blogs are a great way to provide advice, information and news to your current and potential customers, to engage, and prove that you can be trusted in your field of expertise.

I will:

  • Research the topic to ensure the blog is accurate, useful, and unique
  • Ensure keywords are included so that the content is search engine optimised (SEO)
  • Help to establish you as an expert, proving to blog readers that you are worth following, talking to, and buying from
  • Help you to come up with content ideas, if you need it

With over 14 years’ marketing communications experience, I am an copywriting expert. I’ll ensure you get real value from my time and expertise.

Let’s start with an informal chat about what you need. Get in touch >>

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