Freelance copy-editing & proof-reading

home-office-336373_640As well as copywriting, I offer editing and proof-reading services for text you have already written.

I will go through your text line by line, looking for mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling, check for consistency, tone and branding, and provide tips and advice to make your words read better.

Whether it’s website copy, marketing content or a novel you’ve written, I can help you to enhance and polish it to a professional standard.

Get in touch and we can discuss what you need.

“Sarah has edited and proofread several of my novels and is a joy to work with. She has provided invaluable constructive feedback during the editing process to help develop the novels further, and she’s spotted all of those pesky typos lurking in the manuscripts on the proofreading side of things!” Zanna Mackenzie, Author.